Corporeal Ghost (a daunting haunting)

Edited Grave SpookyBanishment couldn’t keep her away,
And so she returns without warning.
Sometimes she appears near the end of the day,
Other times she comes calling by morning.
She has the eyes of a drowning soul,
And madness has warped her face.
Decades of poor judgment have taken their toll
And her mind without leaving a trace.
Many hours have I wasted wishing sincerely
That she would forget I exist.
My dread only deepens as I see very clearly
Her intrusions might never desist.
She drags along with her wherever she goes
Every bone of the skeletal past.
She howls and groans of a lifetime of woes
Every grievance to echo the last.
I wish she would darken my threshold no more,
That her troubled spirit could rest,
That never again would she knock at my door,
As a shamelessly unwelcome guest.
I would sooner succumb to my mortal demise
Than let pity reside in my heart,
It is a dishonor I deeply despise,
And her want of it drives us apart.
When her presence was needed, she couldn’t be found.
To her absence I’ve long since adjusted.
Now it seems she is always lurking around,
And her motives can never be trusted.
You cannot vanquish a ghost in the flesh,
To their haunting they are bound.
In the weave of the living their souls enmesh,
Until they are claimed by the ground.

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